I believe in the inner wisdom and strength that is in all the clients I work with. Often however, we all have to learn to connect with this and many times outside support is needed in uncovering our potential and transforming our lives to the fullest. I strive to be an encouraging agent of change and insight for my clients while simultaneously providing nonjudgmental support.

Jennifer van Wyck - Alyson Jones and Associates I have worked with diverse groups of adults, adolescents and children encouraging growth and addressing various struggles and emotional difficulties so that clients can reach their potential and lead more fulfilling lives.  My focus is on empowering clients so that they can connect more fully with themselves and those in their lives.

People who work with me appreciate my ability to work in the moment, addressing present life issues efficiently. I use a variety of techniques and tools that are tailored to each client, including emotion focused therapy (EFT), visualization techniques, CBT and breathing exercises. I have collaborated with many of my clients to overcome the overwhelming burden of grief, trauma, depression, and anxiety and the debilitating effects that these can have.

I believe in not only in contributing to the community I live in but additionally participating in the global community. To this end I have done conflict resolution in remote areas of Africa and The Philippines and devoted a year in Haiti where I counselled victims of the 2010 earthquake.

I am well known for my work in conflict resolution, empowerment and trauma yet my training and experience is multifaceted.  My research and training include depression and anxiety, anger and stress management, addictions, parenting support, couples therapy, energy psychology and postpartum depression. I have done many presentations on anger, trauma, and stress management, as well as integrated healing and conflict resolution. Please check my events page for upcoming talks.

Please see my CV for more details on the work and training that I have done.