Why do we become Overwhelmed?

Feeling overwhelmed is a very common psychological issue, affecting up to 1 in 4 adults at some point during their lifetimes.  It is “feeling completely overcome in mind or emotion,” according to Marla W. Deibler.  And for many people, it is simply a part of life. Kathleen Nadeau describes this common reality:

Overwhelm results from families with two working parents managing a household and raising kids. Overwhelm results from trying to work full-time while earning a degree in our “spare time.” Overwhelm results from workplace environments that keep piling on expectations with little regard for whether those expectations can be met within a 40-hour week. Overwhelm results from being a single parent trying to run a household and hold down a full time job. Overwhelm results from being “on” 24/7 through mobile phones, social media and the availability of movies and TV series on demand.

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Using Good Boundaries

Good boundaries protect us from our own tendency to sacrifice ourselves for other people. When we are protecting ourselves, when we have clear boundaries, we don’t get hurt as much and the hurts we do experience are less painful.

The truth is, picking up other people’s emotions always does more harm than help. It’s not like we take their burden and carry it for them. They have that sorrow for a reason. We call it a weight on their shoulders, but it’s more like the leaves on a tree. It comes from the roots inside of them. So when we take those leaves off and put that weight on our shoulders, they just grow more leaves on the tree. So now both of us are carrying that sorrow. In other words, by taking on their sorrow, we didn’t cut it in half – we’ve essentially doubled it!

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Being Authentic is Healthy and Freeing

authenticAuthenticity is one of the most important parts of being human. But it’s also one of the most difficult. We long for people to see us in our messy puddle and love and accept us anyway, but we fear that they will see our puddle and reject us. Being authentic always opens an opportunity to be rejected, and that scares us. Of course, rejection will happen. It is a part of life. But we must learn to be authentic anyway. As John Amodeo notes, being authentic lets us “discover a satisfying sense of integrity and satisfaction in expressing the truth of our experience no matter what response we receive.”  Being authentic is healthy and freeing, but we need to feel safe and protected for that to happen.

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Accepting Who You Are

acceptThe first tool that will help you deal with emotional overwhelm is to simply understand what it means to be a highly sensitive person. Your “openness” means that you can be an incredible philosopher, teacher, or whatever you want to be. On the other hand, you may not be a great explorer or engineer, pursuits which sometimes require a detachment that highly sensitive people usually cannot maintain. But regardless of the career goals you have, your empathetic tendencies are fundamental to who you are. They cannot be changed or “worked through.” Instead, highly sensitive people must learn to work with their brains to interact effectively with their world. If you can understand who you are and how your body and brain work, then you can accept those parts of yourself and learn to work with them. Continue reading

Heart Entrainment

Heart Entrainment

So what is heart entrainment? In quantum physics entrainment is when two separate particles are connected regardless of space or time. Heart entrainment is the process of you connecting to who you truly are so that you can easily manifest the life you’ve always yearned for.

If you’ve ever struggles with the Law of Attraction, this is why. Heart entrainment is the essential ingredient that is missing in your life. It is the key that will allow you to easily create the life of your dreams ~ and actually feel fulfilled!

What is possible when you funnel the energy of your heart with the powerful Law of Attraction concepts plus transformational manifestation techniques?

We know that the wolf you feed becomes strongest so if you feed the love wolf, that will become stronger and stronger. We also know from the Law of Attraction that like energy attracts like energy.

lawofattractionSo if you want to create a life that feels incredible you need to start by actually feeling incredible. The only way you can truly feel that way is by feeling good about yourself.

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How To Handle Suffering

image3 SLI am currently in Sierra Leone right now helping with the Ebola outbreak. As you can imagine there is an extreme amount of suffering here and it is hard to learn how to handle the suffering I am seeing. Even back in Vancouver I am often asked about how to deal with seeing other people suffer; whether it is seeing a homeless person on the street, or watching a movie on animal cruelty, or even seeing one of your friends sad. Regardless of the reason, it can be hard to see suffering and often we try and take on other people’s suffering.

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Love: Where to Start

Two Wolves:

Everyone has two wolves, a kind loyal one that is called love, and a mean aggressive one that is called fear. The wolf that you feed the most will be the strongest one.

This week I want to focus on what your life is like right now. Which of your wolves is stronger? Which wolf do you feed more?

Smiling-Face-And-Sad-FaceThere is a research study that has a block of 100 faces. Ninety-nine (99) of the faces are smiling and only one (1) is angry. Guess which face participants noticed first? Researchers then switched it to 99 angry faces and one (1) smiling one, but many participants couldn’t find or didn’t notice the smiling face.

Why do you think this happens?

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Personally there have been a lot of changes for me over the last few months.  In August my husband very abruptly dashed to Liberia to assist with the Ebola response, and since then I’ve been struggling with how to live with him so far away (and not worry about him constantly) while also winding down my physical practice and moving to working exclusively online.  It’s made me want to write this post to share but to also sort through the lessons that I’ve dealt with during this transition.

As highly sensitive empaths we love very intensely, I think that love also relates to moments.  We love moments or situations and when they change it can feel like they are being ripped from our heart, even if they were a little prickly to love in the first place.  I think inherently highly sensitive empaths struggle with change.

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So How can you use being a Highly Sensitive Empath to improve your life?

Well knowing what you’re struggling with is the first step to understanding how to truly create lasting change. Now you can stop engaging in a loosing battle and put your energy into places you can win, such as using your big heart to make your life more productive, fulfilling and peaceful. Understanding yourself allows you to stop beating yourself up and start seeing your infinite strengths and to have compassion on yourself. This is extremely important especially for Highly Sensitive Empath who are experts at beating themselves up. But there are four more steps you also need to master.

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Why is this important to know if you are a Highly Sensitive Empath?

If you are not aware that this is indeed your personality type then you can spend decades not your whole life) trying to change some of the more difficult aspects of being Highly Sensitive Empath. For example often HSE’s struggle to be less sensitive or they push themselves so hard that they experience burnout multiple times during their life. Trying to change the fact that you perceive more or feel more is a battle that you will not win unless you completely shut off your emotions. Which unfortunately many Highly Sensitive Empath do, however when you numb yourself you numb yourself to everything in life the beautiful and good as well as the ugly and difficult.

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