Achieving Our Goals

To achieve our goals, especially long-term goals, we need to have a plan and have the energy to complete that plan. Whatever your specific goal, the brain’s role will be determining feasibility, assessing resources, and dealing with roadblocks. The goalsheart will provide the energy, through the creation of emotions that motivates and activates the plan. And you must have both of those things, equally, to see the desired outcome met.

Even more importantly, “the better quality of consciousness the stronger the integration of both thought and emotion and therefore the increased amount of energy and more powerful the outcome.”  In other words, the more your brain-heart connection is in balance, the more energy it will produce, and the bigger the goal you can reach.

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Your Favorite Place

Last week we talked about which type of wolf you feed, the one called fear or the one called love click here to read the post. Well this week I think it’s important to take this a step further…

Your Favorite Place, Van Wyck Consulting

Take a moment to think of your favorite place, a place that makes your heart sing. Imagine you are here, with no one else around so you can totally be yourself.

What is it that you love about this place? What are the sensations that you feel when you’re here? What are some of the sounds? What do you see around you?

Now you really love this place, feel the joy that it gives you, let it fill up and flood your whole body.

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