Counseling Services

I offer a variety of services from individual counselling, to parenting to facilitating workshops or public speaking engagements. I am also available to do phone or skype sessions. This increases the flexibility of when the session can take place.


I believe in the inner wisdom and strength that is in all the clients I work with. Often however, we all have to learn to connect with this and many times outside support is needed in uncovering our potential and transforming our lives to the fullest. I strive to be an encouraging agent of change and insight for my clients while simultaneously providing nonjudgmental support. Read more about this service.


Remember when your partner was your biggest fan? Or perhaps they still are and you want to make sure it stays that way! I like to work with couples regardless of the state of the relationship, whether you want to create and maintain healthy patterns of communicating and connecting for a fulfilling relationship, or if you are thinking of going in different directions, or if your relationship is over and you are trying to figure out how to be in the same room for the sake of your children. Read more about this service.



Parenting can be a thankless job and everyone seems to have their own opinion on how to raise your children. When I work with parents I do so with the understanding that we all come from various backgrounds, beliefs and values. I work with parents so that they can understand a variety of techniques and theories (that obviously as a parent you don’t have time to learn about) and we collaborate on ways that works for you and your family. My knowledge and experience working with children, adolescents and as a parenting educator allow me to help my clients to not feel so overwhelmed or lost. Read more about this service.


I have facilitated a number of workshops on an assortment of topics which include: Stress Management, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Assertiveness… and many more. If you would like me to lead a workshop on any of the above topics please or have any questions of potential workshops, lectures, or talks you would like me to conduct please read more about this service.