Parenting can be a thankless job and everyone seems to have their own opinion on how to raise your children. When I work with parents I do so with the understanding that we all come from various backgrounds, beliefs and values. I work with parents so that they can understand a variety of techniques and theories (that obviously as a parent you don’t have time to learn about) and we collaborate on ways that works for you and your family. My knowledge and experience working with children, adolescents and as a parenting educator allow me to help my clients to not feel so overwhelmed or lost. My goal is to support you and your needs, and to create a strong relationship between you and your child or/and adolescent, so that they not only flourish in their development but are also prepared to handle to world.

Working with Young Children and their Parents

When working with children I revel in their ability to process emotions and situations in a concrete manner. Through games, drawing, and the language of play I help children make sense of and process the jumble of emotions that are inside them. This way they can continue to grow in their development, express themselves more clearly, and enhance their emerging life skills. I find that it is also important to work with the parents of young children as you have the greatest impact on your child. This allows you to understand your child better, create a stronger attachment between you and your child, and implement new strategies to maximize your child’s potential.

I love teaching parenting. I think it is such an incredible skill to have that is applicable to all parts of life. Unfortunately often many of us end up using parenting techniques that we swore we would never use. When working with parents I help you uncover the underlying messages and patterns that you were taught from your parents. Through insight and practice we transform those patterns into ones that increase attachment and connection with your children, while also containing damaging or destructive behavior.

Working with Adolescents and their Parents

Adolescence is one of the most difficult times of our lives. It is when we are striving for independence but where acceptance and connection is paramount. These conflicting goals can cause chaos and it can feel as if we are lost. Often we can use destructive ways of trying to resolve this struggle.  My work with teens and preteens focuses on reconnecting them to their inner selves so that they have something solid to navigate them through these difficult waters. If they accept themselves then acceptance from others isn’t so life threatening. I also work with parents so that they can have a clearer understanding of what is going on with this often sudden switch in behaviour, and therefore adjust in ways that is comfortable for them and keeps the relationship with their teen intact. Something I always tell my parents to tell their teens; “This is tough, but we’ll get through it!”