Highly Sensitive Empaths

The concept of the Highly Sensitive Empath (HSE) changed my life when I discovered it. It made so many things make sense! Once I realized that I was this personality type it allowed me stop trying to change who I was (because that wasn’t working) and instead use what I had to my advantage. HSE’s are a unique personality type that have a different physiology (their bodies are made up differently) and so they require a different way of relating, being parented, and operating in the world. Take this quiz here to find out if you are an HSE!

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Energy Clearings

Additionally, I find it very helpful especially for HSE’s to have assistance in clearing extra energy that has been picked up from others (often leading to overwhelm and burnout!) I am available to do full energy clearings either over the phone, in person or absentee (which is done on my own and then I send you a transcript of everything I’ve cleared and an explanation of what that means.)

I have worked with energy for over 15 years (starting with healing touch) and use a synthesis of modalities the main one being Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).

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The 6 main principles of SRT as taken from their curriculum (2006) are the following:

We are spiritual beings expressing through a physical body. Separation from SPIRIT is an illusion.

As spiritual beings, we have access to higher spiritual guidance in the form of High Self. High Self works with the Soul to research and clear programs (which are essentially energy blocks and interference).

The Soul is ultimately in charge of its own healing. Nothing happens that is not planned for or allowed by the Soul. As divine beings creating our own reality, we cannot be victims.

It’s not what happens to you, but the energy you attach to it. This is the Law of Mind Action: What you think and attach energy to, you create.

As spiritual beings, we’ve lived thousands of lives (whether literally or through metaphor). The accumulated energy from these other lives can and does affect the current life. As long as we hold energy on something, we have to deal with it.

Only love has the highest outcome. Fear is a misperception that we can be separate from SPIRIT and the highest expression of love.

Everything is in Divine Order

If you would like to have an energy clearing please contact me.