Lack of Satisfaction Caused by a Negative Emotional Balance

A negative emotional balaburnoutnce that the heart can cause is a lack of satisfaction. Rather than being indecisive, in this case, you know what you want. But making your choice, and even achieving that goal, brings no pleasure. The most obvious place that this emotional negativity reveals itself is in work. Whether we like our job or not, when our hearts are divorced from our heads, our dissatisfaction with our jobs goes up. And this is currently a common problem in the American workforce.

Recent surveys show that more Americans than ever are dissatisfied with their jobs. Some are burned out or bored, while others feel that professional success has eluded them. Stress over financial well-being – which for many is synonymous with professional success – is the primary source of discontent. Indeed, when people are asked if they could have anything in the world right now, most report wanting “more money.”

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What is a Highly Sensitive Empath (HSE)?

What is a Highly Sensitive Empath (HSE)?

It is a personality type that is actually connected to your sympathetic nervous system and where a part of your brain that is literally more open. Therefore unlike other personality types this one is based on how your brain is actually physically made up. What this means is that Highly Sensitive Empath’s are actually receiving and processing more information then the average person.Therefore although you can use the different aspects of being Highly Sensitive Empath to your benefit there is very little you can do to actually change how much information you receive and the time it takes to process it. It is like you have 5 stacks of paper work to sort through on a daily basis instead of one small one. Continue reading