The Responsibility of the Brain in the Heart

Our brains are vitally important. As the epicenter of our nervous system, the brain is generally recognized as the controlling organ of our bodies and our lives. We don’t need a medical degree to understand that our brains are necessary to our very existence.

The brain is the body’s mainframe computer. It processes messagbraines from every system and organ in the body. It controls the hormonal system and affects our emotions. In it lies the foundation of our intelligence. The brain is composed of two hemispheres which control our right and left sides, but which also control our verbal, logical self (left) and our creative, imaginative self (right).

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A Powerful Connection

When disconnected, our brains and our hearts work against each other, paralyzing us and keeping us from the life that we long to have. However, when our heart-brain conpowerful connection2nection is functioning properly, its influence is extensive and its power in our lives is immeasurable.

The first way that this powerful influence of the heart-brain connection can be effectively harnessed is through intention. Intention is about the “purpose and awareness with which we approach [an] occasion.”  Marcia Wieder defines intention as “to have in mind a purpose of plan, to direct the mind, to aim.” In other words, intention is “influencing one’s internal and external environment in a purposeful way.”  It is harnessing the power of the mind and heart together to achieve even our most impossible dreams.

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The Life You Deserve

 The most valuable, way that the heart-brain connection can influence our development towards the full life we desire to have is through the process of self-actualizpowerful connectionation. Dunlop noted that humans are programmed to stay with a familiar reality, even if that reality is one of pain and suffering.  But by utilizing the principles of self-actualization, energized by a working heart-brain connection, we can completely change our lives for the better.

 Abraham Maslow who was an American psychologist that was best known for creating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, also coined the phrase self-actualization “to describe the ongoing process of fully developing your personal potential.”  His hierarchy of needs described the fundamental conditions that must be met at each stage in order for us to achieve the highest levels of existence and meaning. Continue reading

Heart Entrainment

Heart Entrainment

So what is heart entrainment? In quantum physics entrainment is when two separate particles are connected regardless of space or time. Heart entrainment is the process of you connecting to who you truly are so that you can easily manifest the life you’ve always yearned for.

If you’ve ever struggles with the Law of Attraction, this is why. Heart entrainment is the essential ingredient that is missing in your life. It is the key that will allow you to easily create the life of your dreams ~ and actually feel fulfilled!

What is possible when you funnel the energy of your heart with the powerful Law of Attraction concepts plus transformational manifestation techniques?

We know that the wolf you feed becomes strongest so if you feed the love wolf, that will become stronger and stronger. We also know from the Law of Attraction that like energy attracts like energy.

lawofattractionSo if you want to create a life that feels incredible you need to start by actually feeling incredible. The only way you can truly feel that way is by feeling good about yourself.

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