So How can you use being a Highly Sensitive Empath to improve your life?

Well knowing what you’re struggling with is the first step to understanding how to truly create lasting change. Now you can stop engaging in a loosing battle and put your energy into places you can win, such as using your big heart to make your life more productive, fulfilling and peaceful. Understanding yourself allows you to stop beating yourself up and start seeing your infinite strengths and to have compassion on yourself. This is extremely important especially for Highly Sensitive Empath who are experts at beating themselves up. But there are four more steps you also need to master.

The second step is learning how to protect yourself. It is important to understand the motivation behind protection, your motivation to protect yourself is from love of yourself and others not because the world is a scary or dangerous place. It is important for you to know that you can surround yourself with peace and calm no matter where you are, that way you will be able to relax more and not be overly defensive. Protecting yourself properly allows you to feel free to be yourself, and to ask for what you need. Effective protection helps you deal with difficult people and difficult situations appropriately, it increases your energy and makes it possible for you to reach your potential. It is important that you are able to practically protect yourself (visualizations are great for this), as well as learn how to make yourself as healthy as possible so that when someone hurts you, your confidence is such that it isn’t as debilitating as it might have been before.

The third step is perfecting how to make yourself happy and healthy. As mentioned previously many HSE don’t know what makes them happy. Fundamental to this step is creating a relationship with yourself and your heart, so that you know what it wants and needs at any given moment. The key to happiness is to be able to listen and hear your heart and then be able to take care of it in that moment. And yet so many people don’t know how to listen to their heart. The focus is mainly on things outside of us. In fact the ironic thing about psychology is that it is often focused on using your thoughts to shut down your heart. And your hearts as a HSE is your biggest strength.

The fourth step is learning how to deal with negative emotions appropriately. It’s important to learn how to deal with emotions like guilt and worry (which are common for HSEs) because otherwise they can get out of control and often lead HSEs to sabotaging their lives and those they love. HSEs can often get caught up in these emotions and spiral downward. It is essential to learn how to efficiently work with and learn from your negative emotions so that you can move through them and let them go. This step is essentially using your negative emotions as guides to finding and addressing the root of whatever issue you are grappling with.

Lastly it is so important for HSE to learn how to effectively connect to others. Since Highly Sensitive Empath’s have such a big heart they are often wanting connection more then anything. Many HSEs feel like they have never belonged or that they are “crazy” but this is not true. HSE are often so scared of getting hurt, and not very great at sharing their deep feelings that they can push people away or even scare them off. When HSEs learn how to create deep meaningful connections as well as take time to connect with nature their lives become exponentially more rich, energized and meaningful. There are many ways that you can feel supported and truly connected to others

So now you understand what a highly sensitive empathy is, why it matters and how you need to move forward to dramatically increase the love, connection and peace in your life. I hope you have a fantastic journey and if you’re interested in learning more please visit this link:


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