Personally there have been a lot of changes for me over the last few months.  In August my husband very abruptly dashed to Liberia to assist with the Ebola response, and since then I’ve been struggling with how to live with him so far away (and not worry about him constantly) while also winding down my physical practice and moving to working exclusively online.  It’s made me want to write this post to share but to also sort through the lessons that I’ve dealt with during this transition.

As highly sensitive empaths we love very intensely, I think that love also relates to moments.  We love moments or situations and when they change it can feel like they are being ripped from our heart, even if they were a little prickly to love in the first place.  I think inherently highly sensitive empaths struggle with change.

And yet I was just telling a client the other day about one of my research findings.  What I told him surprised him and it made me wonder if perhaps this finding isn’t common sense.  So I wanted to be sure I had the chance to share it with you.

One of the findings of my thesis was that if you want to manifest reality you need to have a balance.  A balance between knowing what you want and having enough attachment to the outcome that you can propel your intention forward, but not wanting it so much that you don’t actually release it and allow it to come to fruition.  In other words you need to have an idea of what you want and then let it go.  If you have too much or too little attachment to the idea then the likelihood of it happening is significantly diminished.

So what does this have to do with change?  Well I’m learning, in subtle different ways that I need to have an idea of what direction I want to go (for example moving exclusively to working online) but I also need to be open and flexible to how my future will work (when and where I will be reunited with my husband).  If I clutch too tightly or not tightly enough then my dream has less of a chance of materializing.  If I want the change to happen more smoothly then I have to let go.

As an HSE we often want something in the future, we forget the things we have right now, until they are being torn away from us.  That has been my biggest lesson these last few months.  That things will change and perhaps even suddenly so instead of always planning ahead I need to sit and settle into the “now.”  My focus for the next unknown is to a) have gratitude for what I have, b) release the dream I have for the future into the universe with the hope that it will unfold and be open to variations.

The universe usually has something a lot grander planned for us that we can’t even dare try to imagine ourselves, but this can be very disappointing because it doesn’t come wrapped up in a box with a bow exactly how we expected.  Be open, to change, to possibility, and most of all be open to blessings even if they come in wolves clothing.

Happy Holidays!


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