Healing unconscious limiting beliefs

So what are unconscious limiting beliefs?

They are beliefs that we have that are in our unconscious or our subconscious so we don’t even realize that we have them. They’re limiting which means they’re more negative. They hold us back, they prevent us from doing what we need to do or being everything that we can be from reaching our full potential.

They are often the engine that can drive a lot of our behavior… so it’s important to know about them. In this article I outline 3 steps to overcoming and healing these unconscious limiting beliefs.

Without knowing, we can reinforce these negative beliefs and bring about patterns over and over again.

For example, I have an unconscious limiting belief…. well now it’s a conscious belief… that I’m inadequate. When I feel inadequate or I believe that I am, I can go over the top trying to prove myself. I can feel intimidated by other people who I deem to be adequate. This prevents me from doing many things. Like making videos, writing articles, connecting to people, or relating in a healthy way to other people.

Because I’m always trying to prove myself. When you are trying to prove yourself it’s coming from the belief “I’m inadequate, therefore I must…”

Doing this just strengthens that unconscious limiting belief. The more we operate and do things to prove ourselves, without really realizing that we have this underlying fear.

This is an issue because you could do anything to try and compensate for whatever belief it is that you have. But no matter how much you try, your efforts will never make it feel better.

Clearing unconscious belief

Step one: Notice it

The most important thing is to realize that you have it!

One way to realize you have it is if you’re projecting it onto other people. Maybe a person annoys you. Something about them bothers you. This is probably something going on in you. Why does that person annoy you? If nobody else is annoyed by them it’s something in you. That’s one indicator.

Emotions in general are a good indicator. If you feel hurt by something that someone said or did that can be a message. If you notice “oh that hits something” or “that hit a nerve”. It’s useful to ewplore your these beliefs there, explore what you thing THEY think. More often than not it’s actually a belief that you have about yourself.

I was speaking with a client earlier today and I was explaining how an unconscious limiting belief the universe tries to give you subtle signs. It whispers to help you notice that you have it. There and then if you don’t notice or you don’t listen then maybe it will speak a little bit louder. And if you still ignore it it, will start to yell and maybe it will hit you over the head! Maybe it will have to take the whole floor from underneath you to make sure that you know what this unconscious limiting belief is!

Once you know it and only once you know it can you then start shifting it. When I figured out what my unconscious limiting belief is

I’m not a poet I’m not really great at this so it was I’m inadequate so what’s the opposite of that

I’m adequate. so then I just look about and I think about how can I really embody “I’m adequate”

Step two: Make a mantra

As it’s often such a deep-rooted belief that you’ve had it for a while – it’s good to use repetition. Make it a mantra. “I’m adequate. I’m adequate. I’m adequate”. Put Post-it notes over your home. Put a little note on your computer so that you see it every time you’re working. Put an alarm on your phone. Try and say it as often as possible so that you can create those new neural Pathways.

Repeat it every time you start going down that path. You can deviate and go back into “I’m adequate” and think of all the things that you can do once you say your Mantra.

“I’m adequate, I’m adequate therefore I can make this video it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect”


I’m adequate therefore…

  • I can go on a date or
  • I can meet that person or
  • I can try this new project or
  • I can volunteer for this new idea

Because you’re coming from this place of strength and love, not fear.

Affirmations are very powerful. At first, it’s really hard to believe your mantra. But once you have that glimmer of hope… hope that you’re not what you always believed you were, that’s when you take it to the next step and you start to really embody it.

Step three: Embody it

Bring your mantra into reality through action. It doesn’t matter what the actions are it just matters that you’re doing it out of this place of “I’m adequate”.

“I am going to eat this donut because I’m adequate”, for example!

Or “I’m not gonna eat this donut because I’m adequate”.

Your intention aligns with your Mantra and that brings it into reality. It becomes more powerful if you can do lots of little actions. Bring it into reality you can do a big action as well but it’s really powerful when you do lots of small ones.

Figure out what your unconscious hidden belief is

Create your mantra and then

Start doing actions to really embody your Mantra and bring it into reality

What are some unconscious limiting beliefs that you’ve discovered about yourself?How did you discover that? How did you clear it what was a what worked for you?

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