Heart Entrainment

Heart Entrainment

So what is heart entrainment? In quantum physics entrainment is when two separate particles are connected regardless of space or time. Heart entrainment is the process of you connecting to who you truly are so that you can easily manifest the life you’ve always yearned for.

If you’ve ever struggles with the Law of Attraction, this is why. Heart entrainment is the essential ingredient that is missing in your life. It is the key that will allow you to easily create the life of your dreams ~ and actually feel fulfilled!

What is possible when you funnel the energy of your heart with the powerful Law of Attraction concepts plus transformational manifestation techniques?

We know that the wolf you feed becomes strongest so if you feed the love wolf, that will become stronger and stronger. We also know from the Law of Attraction that like energy attracts like energy.

lawofattractionSo if you want to create a life that feels incredible you need to start by actually feeling incredible. The only way you can truly feel that way is by feeling good about yourself.

There is no higher vibrational state than the feeling of being entrained with your heart; with who you truly are and living YOUR true destiny.

When you’re entrained with your heart, the life of your dreams will magnetize to you!

So often we focus on achieving a goal that will make us happy. But how many times have you gotten something that you’ve wanted for a long time and you feel good for maybe a couple hours, perhaps even a couple days… but then you feel right back to where you used to be? Even though you were sure that once you got this thing you would be happy.

That’s because we are taught to do it all wrong. We’ve got it backwards. The secret is that once you feel happy in yourself, once you know your inner self, once you feel complete and whole, that’s when you magnetize the results you always wanted.

The goal is to be fully entrained with your heart, fully tuned into who you are and what your destiny is, and then the byproducts are wealth, wonderful relationships, a job you love, health which will magnetize to you. You can’t help but attract them into your life!

Think about it when you feel good, confidant, joyful, isn’t that when things seem to run smoother? Seem to just fall into place? Isn’t that when everything is just easy?

So the first step to the life of your dreams?

Getting to know yourself


Look up a list of values (there are hundreds) write down all the values that are important to you. Write down the top 10 most important to you. Next order them 1-10, 1 being most important. Keep this somewhere you can see it and try and incorporate your top 3 values into the different areas of your life (bonus points for incorporating all 10).

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