Heart/Brain Intimate Connection

heart-268151_640The heart and brain are intimately connected in a bi-directional communication system that controls and affects our bodies and our lives. When the brain and heart are disconnected, we will experience physical, emotional, and mental consequences that can be devastating to our physical health and our overall well-being. When the heart is disconnected from the brain, it will create a variety of negative emotions; when the brain is the dysfunctional component, it will actually sabotage our efforts toward developing the life we desire to have. However, when the heart-brain connection is working effectively, our bodies and our lives become energized and empowered. We will be able to address and overcome the negative emotions and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep us bogged down. Through the power of intention, we will be enabled to create a life that we desire and deserve. Even more, we can attain our full potential through the process of self-actualization, resulting in a life of creativity, positive progress and true purpose. This is the power of the heart-brain connection.

Our bodies and our lives depend on maintaining a healthy balance. We cannot achieve the most powerful states of existence if we are out of balance, so our bodies are designed to work as a whole to accomplish this balanced state. The heart and the brain work together in a bidirectional communication system that enables the body as a whole to effectively manage the internal and external stimuli that it must negotiate on a daily basis. In this heart-brain connection, the heart provides the energy and motivation that the brain uses to activate behaviors or actions. The heart-brain connection is vital to our bodies’ ability to operate effectively and to our overall ability to live life well. If either the brain or the mind disconnects from the system, our lives quickly begin to tailspin, but when the heart and brain are working together, we have the potential to live our lives to the fullest.

heart-558528_640The power of the brain-heart connection is such that it, almost entirely, defines the quality of life that we will live. If our brain and heart are not working in tandem, we will experience a life that is well less than the abundance we so deeply desire. The heart-brain connection holds this much power in our lives because it is the definition of wholeness: when our hearts and brains are connected effectively, we are completely whole.

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Photo credit: http://pixabay.com/en/heart-castle-love-padlock-fence-268151/ and http://pixabay.com/en/heart-water-stone-heart-nature-558528/

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