Highly Sensitive Empaths

Highly Sensitive Empaths

The concept of the Highly Sensitive Empath (HSE) changed my life. Once I realized that this was my personality type it allowed me to stop trying to change who I was (because that wasn’t working) and instead use what I had to my advantage. HSEs are a unique personality type because of the physiology of their bodies – they require a different way of being and relating in the world.

An HSE narrows Elaine Aron’s “Highly Sensitive Person” concept, to focus on people who are also affected by other’s emotions and the environment around them. Not all highly sensitive people are empathic.

What is a Highly Sensitive Empath?

Nature is especially important for HSEs

The Highly Sensitive Empath (HSE) is a personality type that is connected to your sympathetic nervous system. This means that HSEs are receiving and processing more information than the average person. This can make us feel like we’re really different from anyone around us (like a tree in a lake).

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Are you are Highly Sensitive Empath?

Do you often feel overwhelmed? Are you really sensitive to how other people are feeling? Do you often try to help others and forget about yourself? Do you feel exhausted or lost?

You might have the HSE superpower…

Once HSEs understand what their strength and struggles are, they can stop wasting energy to wrestle against themselves and instead use their strengths to improve their lives and the lives of everyone they come in contact with.

When HSEs accept their gifts they can start moving forward instead of being stuck trying to make themselves into something they’re not.


Watch this short video to hear me explain about HSEs...

HSEs are usually the artists the philosophers. leaders, healers, innovators and the teachers of the world. They are great at seeing the big picture and how everything is interconnected. While they have a lower tolerance for stress they are very strong individuals, and are often the ones that people go to for help, advice, or to be consoled.

How can you use being an HSE to improve your life?

Knowing what you’re struggling with is the first step to understanding how to truly create lasting change. Now you can stop banging your head trying to change this aspect of yourself and put your energy into places that are controllable, such as using your big heart to make your life more nurturing, productive, fulfilling and peaceful.

Understanding yourself allows you to start seeing your infinite strengths.

There are 5 steps you need to master in order to optimize your HSE superpowers.


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