How To Handle Suffering

image3 SLI am currently in Sierra Leone right now helping with the Ebola outbreak. As you can imagine there is an extreme amount of suffering here and it is hard to learn how to handle the suffering I am seeing. Even back in Vancouver I am often asked about how to deal with seeing other people suffer; whether it is seeing a homeless person on the street, or watching a movie on animal cruelty, or even seeing one of your friends sad. Regardless of the reason, it can be hard to see suffering and often we try and take on other people’s suffering.

I remember when I was five, praying and asking God to let me suffer for everyone because I didn’t want others to have to suffer. Perhaps that sounds noble but this is not at all what I would recommend now. If you see someone drowning and you jump into save them without formal lifeguard training, then you may end up with two people drowned, instead of one. I don’t think that is what the universe wants.

So what do you do then? If we are not suppose to take on other people’s pain then doesn’t that make us cruel and uncaring?

image4 SLActually no, there is a very simple technique that you can do, that although very cheesy, it’s extremely effective. This technique is what is getting me through the difficult times here in Sierra Leone and back home my clients have powerfully and successfully used it. It is so simple that it only consists of 2 steps:

Step 1: See the suffering -you don’t need to wallow in it, but witness it, honor the fact that this person/animal/situation is suffering.

Step 2: Send love –this is such a simple thing but I have seen miracles happen when this second step is used. Love spans space and time, it is healing and it is strengthening, it heals/soothes the recipient and it fills you up with… well… Love!
image1 SLI remember seeing images of massacres that happened over a hundred years ago. I was able to see and acknowledge the pain and struggle that happened and then I sent love and gratitude for the victims. I know it doesn’t literally change anything but I firmly believe that on a very deep holy level it changes the energy of that place.

To the families, doctors, nurses and all the people here fighting to reduce the death left by Ebola’s reach, I see the suffering, and I honor it, and there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be.


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