My #1 bestselling book

“The Good Thing About Mortar Shells: Choosing love over fear”

“If you want to understand how you can overcome fear by choosing love, Jennifer demonstrates in this book, that even in the darkest places, there is kindness, compassion, hope, and the possibility for happiness.

Jennifer Van Wyck shares stories from her life and her humanitarian work during the Ebola Crisis, in Haiti and Syria. She draws from her work with hundreds of clients as a psychotherapist, to give you practical techniques of how to face your fears, overcome pain and suffering and most importantly how to choose love.”


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Once upon a time in Syria

“The good thing about mortar shells…” The title comes from what I said to my dad when we were talking on the phone.

I was on the roof of my compound in Syria (see picture) and he had just expressed his surprise in hearing all the birds chirping in the background. “Well, the good thing about mortar shells is they make all these holes in the wall and so there are lots of places for them to nest”. We then had a heartwarming discussion of how even in the darkest places, there is kindness, compassion, hope, and the possibility for happiness.

My dad later emailed me and said that when I write a book, this needed to be the title.

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Online book launch during Covid

We had the online book launch of The Good Thing about Mortar Shells: Choosing Love over Fear.

In celebration of the launch, Jennifer and Julie Ann of Influence Publishing Inc. hosted a special webinar and discussed how you can overcome the most fearful situations, by choosing love.

You can watch the recording here.


Book excerpt – Trust

The literal wall of fire

We were driving full speed towards a massive wall of fire. It was so big that the flames were reaching up higher than our 4×4, and it was impossible to see past it. Dawn was just breaking, and I could only make out shadows quickly moving out of our way ahead of us. I heard a gunshot, perhaps to warn us to stop or to warn others as we hurtled full speed ahead. My security Manger yelled, “Faster! Faster, drive faster!” We were all bracing for impact, the driver, my security manager and I. All that filled my vision was the wall of flames that would soon envelop us…

For Jennifer choosing love over fear is more than just a statement, it is a way of life.

In doing so she has paved the way for other s to move through fear and live in love. This book that will provide excellent signposts and inspiration to the reader as they travel their own journey from fear to love.

Alyson Jones, MA, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Excellent Book

I love this book. It is so relevant to helping me to deal with stressful situations. I really enjoy the stories, and the techniques are easy to learn, I use them everyday. Every household should have this book.

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In response to the Ebola outbreak, Jennifer van Wyck was deployed to Sierra Leone in 2015 to provide psychosocial support…

Her unwavering dedication, enthusiasm and compassion were critical to the country s recovery efforts.

Julie Payette

Governor General of Canada

Changed the way I see everything!

I really loved this book. Jennifer is honest and genuine and really shows you how to see things in a completely new way. The techniques are something I use all the time now and her stories are fascinating. I really recommend this book to others that want to get out of the rut of anxiety or hopelessness. I think everyone needs this book!

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