If you’re anything like I was, then the thought of going to therapy might feel uncomfortable and a little anxiety-provoking. My goal here is to explain how I work and what you can expect so that we can reduce any anxiety you might have.

Be picky about choosing your therapist!

There are as many types of therapy as there are therapists. You have the right to be picky. Regardless of the techniques or tricks or tools that any therapist uses the most important thing is for you to feel like you “like” to your therapist.

When you feel like you connect with your therapist you’re much more likely to be open and honest and vulnerable. All of those things are necessary if you want to heal deeply. I’ve made this page for you to see if you think you resonate with me, could connect with me, and feel comfortable being honest with me.

How I work:

My mom described me in a way I find hilarious and probably sums me up pretty well. She says I’m not sweet, but I’m very compassionate.

I have a massive heart, and more then anything I want to help people to connect with the overflowing love and bliss that is inside them. And yet I am not a therapist that is just going to listen to your problems. I will listen for a bit, but sometimes I might interrupt you so we can clearly focus on what you truly need, and I prefer to use tangible techniques in session so that you can see/do change right away.

I will help you to get to the root of what is causing you pain. These are often harmful ways of thinking, emotions that are repressed and coming out sideways, self-limiting beliefs such as “I’m not enough” or “I’m unlovable”, or a misunderstanding of what a healthy relationship is.

Also I swear, sometimes “fuck” is the best word to summarize the suffering you are going through.

I love efficiency, effectiveness and taking action. I don’t like to take a long time getting to the root issue, and often we can do it together in a session. It’s important to be ready to change and to face some uncomfortable things. I will sometimes push you but I will be beside you the whole time.

I’m unique/weird in that I use energy work (with your permission) to get to the root of what’s going on. That’s how my online sessions can be more effective then many in-person sessions. With your permission, I can “tune” into what you’re body is feeling especially during online or phone sessions. This can freak my clients out the first time but they get used to it pretty quickly. Then I teach you how to be able to really feel what is true for you so that you need me less and less.

I’m a therapist who will call you on your bullshit, although I do it gently. It’s human nature to spin stories to ourselves and often we can get lost in them. I can help you cut through all of that, without judgement.

I believe in practicing what I preach. I’ve been through hell and back, three times. Many of the techniques I created were developed out of personal necessity when I was drowning (and are documented in my book). I rarely assign homework to my clients that I haven’t done myself. I’m committed to continually focus on my own personal growth and development so that I can be a clear conduit and the most useful to you. Whatever therapist you choose, make sure they have done and continue to do “the work”.

What a typical session looks like:

Sessions usually start by me asking if there’s anything specific you want to work on, if there is nothing then I’ll tune into you to see what is coming up. I’ve never had a session where there was nothing to work on.

I adapt how I work to my clients. Some clients process more through talking, so I will talk less. But, will interrupt if it starts going off course or if there’s something that I feel we have to stop and delve into. Other clients might be very rational and logical, with those clients I’ll often talk more, as they benefit more from me explaining exactly what needs to happen and why.

With all my clients I think doing is often more powerful than talking so I will lead exercises during the session so that you can really feel the truth of something. Many of my exercises involve visualizations as this is the bridge between our brain and our heart, and our thought and subconscious. (For those of you more knowledgable about psychotherapy, my techniques are often a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, emotion-focused therapy, quantum physics, positive psychology, as well as my own creations.)

At the end of each session, I give my clients homework so that they can implement the changes or exercises into their day to day lives.

Therapy from start to finish

I’m one of those therapists who really wants to work myself out of a job. I’ve never had a shortage of clients and my goal is to get you to a point where you don’t need me anymore. Although I have some long-term clients, many of my clients complete their goals within about 6-10 sessions (although this is very dependent on the type of goal you have). Of course, I have some clients who will contact me again if a crisis happens or if they are stuck, or for a check-in every couple of months.

Our work together would begin with you telling me what your goals are, what you want to get out of our work together (I can also help you figure this out) and me understanding who you are as a person and how you best learn. Then I’ll create a plan of how we can reach your goals most effectively and efficiently.

Often I like to try and make therapy more tangible so that you can see if it’s actually working. Usually, I’ll start our work together by having you tell me all of the emotions you are struggling with, how intense they are from 1-10 and then what intensity you would like them to be at. This way we can compare the numbers from when we first started working together to what they are after say 6 sessions. This keeps me accountable but most importantly shows you how far you’ve come in a short amount of time.

I’ll also periodically check in with the goal you had when we first started to ensure we are meeting it. For example, you might have a goal to figure out if you want to change careers, and we might do some side work on developing your inner wisdom or exploring what your values are. This side work is the building block for completing your goal although it might not seem like it’s related at first.

Sometimes your goals will change, or after you complete your first goal you’ll have a new one. I like to focus on one goal at a time. Trying to do too many things at once can be confusing, convoluted, messy, and a way to avoid actually facing what you need to face.

Once you feel like you’ve accomplished your goal(s) and our work is complete we’ll have a final session. This is really important as we’ll go through all the progress you’ve made, all the things you’ve learned, how you can respond to future difficulties and make a plan for what you’ll do now. Often clients don’t realize how much they’ve grown and changed in a relatively short amount of time and this last session highlights and honours that.

So much love to you and good luck on your journey!

If you’re interested in working with me please contact me. If you prefer you can also purchase my book which has many techniques that you can work through on your own, additionally you can sign up for one of my online courses and my mailing list below to keep up to date on new developments.