Hello, I’m Jennifer

I am a psychotherapist, humanitarian, author, inspirational speaker, and energy worker.

I believe that all people need to listen to their own inner wisdom to find happiness and their personal life purpose. Most of us are not taught how to hear our own truth. Many times guidance is initially needed to uncover our path to happiness and transformation.

I strive to be an encouraging agent of change & insight for my clients, while simultaneously providing nonjudgmental & compassionate support and guidance.

Love over Fear

This is my mantra and I strive to follow it in my everyday life as well as all aspects of my work. I continually work on my own personal growth so I am the clearest conduit of transformation for my clients.

If you would like to have me as a guest on your podcast, please get in touch.

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Personally there have been a lot of changes for me over the last few months.  In August my husband...

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