Therapy (in person or online)

Humans exist in relationships. There’s no way around it

We need others to witness us, we need others we can open up to, we need others to understand our own minds, and sometimes we need others who we trust (and who do a lot of their own inner work!) to guide us.

Therapy also gives you the space to be your most vulnerable without being judged. It provides insight and new ways of thinking so that you can break out of patterns you don’t even realize you’re stuck in.

Everyone needs a therapist. I need one, you need one, even your grandmother needs one.

  • Identify and heal what's holding you back, reach your highest potential. The world needs you!
  • Manage your emotions! Don't let them control you, instead find out their hidden message.
  • Connect to your true purpose and know what makes your heart sing.
  • Increase your self-esteem (but not so you become a jerk). Self love and knowing who you are is the foundation for everything.
  • Find joy, love, compassion and bliss in your life. Happiness is your birthright.
  • Learn practical tools to help you overcome stress, difficult events and uncomfortable emotions.


Some other ways to work with me are through the below products I've created.

My book
My book

This contains many of my visualization and therapy techniques to dramatically improve your life!


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Online courses
Online courses

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Guest speaking
Guest speaking

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