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Overcome overwhelm (for highly sensitive empaths)

I have developed this training to help you gain deeper insight into your current thoughts, emotions and beliefs and transform and clear those that are not serving you, while at the same time helping you craft new thoughts, emotions and beliefs based on how you choose your life to be.

Knowing what you’re struggling with is the first step to understanding how to truly create lasting change “no matter what lemons life gives you” as one of my clients said. I have developed a 5-Step system to simply and easily Overcome Overwhelm

The result: Having more energy, purpose, and being more appreciated AND MOST OF ALL being able to consciously choose the life that you want!

The 5-Step Overcome Overwhelm system helps you do this by teaching you:

  • What your conscious blocks are and how you can change them NOW and prevent you from slipping back into them in the future.
  • How you can effectively support those you love while also taking care of yourself and still have energy leftover!

  • How to use your emotions to your benefit and how to clear the emotions that are holding you back (like guilt!)

  • How to identify your unconscious blocks and clear/heal them.

  • How to create a healthy core belief system so that you can create your life how you want it to be… instead of just doing “damage control”.
  • AND…. Of course, giving you easy exercises and activities so that you really learn and start to Overcoming Overwhelm so that you can live the way you want!

So what are the 5-steps??

 1) “Getting to the root of it” –Here you will learn what you are struggling with so that you have an understanding of who you are and what’s actually going on. What does being a Highly Sensitive Empath (HSE) mean? Where do you go from here?

 2)“Learning how to feel safe in this world” -We’ve got this big heart and it’s important to protect yourself (out of love not fear) so that you can ask for what you need, feel free to be yourself (and still be loved) learn how to deal with difficult people/situations, not get hurt so easily (it’s possible!) and know what are your emotions and what are actually someone else’s that you’re carrying.

 3)“The key to happiness!” –Here we focus on developing a loving relationship with your heart. The key to happiness is to be able to listen and hear your heart and then be able to take care of it in that moment. And yet so many people don’t know how to listen to their heart! In fact most of psychology is focused on using your thoughts to shut down your heart! And our hearts as HSE are our biggest strength!

4)“How to deal with guilt and worry” -It’s essential to learn how to deal with the emotions of guilt and worry because they are such a waste of time and energy! Guilt and worry are a result of 2 very important (and surprising) things that you will learn about in this program.

5)“Finding your energy” -It is important know how fill yourself up, how to tap that unlimited well of energy. You are not alone, there are ways that you can feel supported and truly connected to others and all things

Don’t worry if this all seems (ironically) overwhelming for you, with a step by step guide and a systematic approach its simple to know what to do next, and what small things you can incorporate into your life to create true lasting transformation.

My research in quantum physics (which I really use in the visualizations I do) my experience working with literally hundreds of HSE’s plus my own journey of being a HSE and the struggles and joys and realizations that it has given me has all allowed me to streamline this process for you so you don’t have to go through the intense struggles, anxiety and depression that I went through. 

This program teaches you what a gift your huge heart is and how it can be used to make your life exponentially better (because right now I guarantee they can feel like curses)  

I am a huge advocate of integrating practical solutions, changes in thinking, and working on an energetic level. I think it is important to work on all three levels and unfortunately, I haven’t seen many programs that do this, and certainly nothing for HSE’s, which as you know requires a totally different approach!


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