Step One – Grounding

Welcome to the first step of the True Being mini-course.

Let’s begin by understanding a little more about the importance of grounding, followed by a tree grounding visualization below.

In this session, you’ll be guided through a peaceful and calming visualization exercise that will help you feel more grounded and centered.

By connecting with the energy of a tree, you’ll be able to release any tension or stress in your body and feel more in tune with nature. .


When you’re ready, proceed to the next step of the True Being course.

In step two we work on your Heart Connection.

“Choosing love over fear means seeing fear, seeing pain, seeing destruction and wanting something different: choosing love.””


From my book, The Good Thing about Mortar Shells – Choosing Love Over Fear 

My book

If you have enjoyed this exercise and would like to take this journey further, check out my book The Good Thing About Mortar Shells: Choosing love over fear”.