Essential for processing emotions & events, strengthening core self, and connecting to peace.



Connect to your incredible heart to better care for it and hear important messages.



Lift the weight of thoughts, emotions, and energy you no longer need. Cleanse yourself.


Did you know that the brain can’t tell the difference between pretend and reality?

Imagine eating a lemon right now and notice what happens to your mouth.

Visualizations are a very powerful tool. High-achieving professionals use visualizations as their secret to enhancing their success.

Visualizations are a fundamental part of my practice.

What are Visualizations?

Visualizations are a purposeful use of your imagination, which has the power to change your mind, body and spirit (Naparstek, 2004). Visualizations are where you imagine a scene unfolding for a specific purpose. This scene can be your own creation or it could be guided by a practitioner.

Visualizations can be created for various purposes. For example the grounding visualization I’ve created helps reduce anxiety, increase confidence, promote healing and promote the processing of emotions/trauma and is a fundamental visualization that I use in my practice. The energy clearing visualization  increases energy, reduces negative emotions, and promotes physical and mental healing.

The science of visulaizations

How many times have you felt anxiety over something that never ended up happening? This is your imagination working against you.

When used correctly our imagination can give us unlimited power to improve our lives in a deep and lasting way. I first stumbled across the mind blowing effects of visualizations while doing my thesis on how Quantum Physics relates to psychotherapy, and the discovery dramatically improved my client’s results.

The scientific evidence for the effectiveness of visualizations include: reducing depression, anxiety, improving the rate of healing after injury, reducing stress and illness, improving athletic performance, reducing blood pressure, and accelerating weight loss to name a few! (Naparstek, 2004; Trakhtenberg, 2008).


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