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Last week we talked about which type of wolf you feed, the one called fear or the one called love click here to read the post. Well this week I think it’s important to take this a step further…

Your Favorite Place, Van Wyck Consulting

Take a moment to think of your favorite place, a place that makes your heart sing. Imagine you are here, with no one else around so you can totally be yourself.

What is it that you love about this place? What are the sensations that you feel when you’re here? What are some of the sounds? What do you see around you?

Now you really love this place, feel the joy that it gives you, let it fill up and flood your whole body.

Now imagine a life that is just like your favorite place.

Your life fills your heart with joy. You wake up with a smile. Your life is where you are completely yourself. It is where you could be completely relaxed or energized, depending on your mood. Your life is filled with meaning, purpose and wonderful emotions. You’re living the life of your dreams. It’s a life that feels completely blissful!

You’re in tune with your life and your life is in tune with you.

Take a moment to imagine that life.

Even if your life isn’t quite there yet, imagine what you’d like your life to be… and how you’ll feel when you get there… Being able to imagine is the first step to getting there.

You know you want to have this incredible life perhaps it’s that dream job, or meeting your perfect partner, or making that certain amount of money, or perhaps it’s just that feeling of freedom and joy… you just don’t know how to get it. 35161-75317-233x174-benifit1

Well there are a ton of books and programs out there, and many that are full of wisdom… However, they don’t know YOU, and it always comes down to what resonates with you specifically – who you are.

You are the key, the most important tool in creating your own perfect life, AND you already have everything you need to achieve it.

You just need to get in touch with the one missing piece that can only be found inside you by doing what I call “heart entertainment.

Stay tuned as next week I’ll write about what “heart entertainment” is and how you can master this powerful process, which will combine the incredible power of your heart with effective manifestation techniques so that you never have to leave the feeling of being in your favorite place.


Take a couple minutes to imagine your favorite place for a couple minutes each day (I like to do it before I go to sleep). Really feel yourself there, notice the sounds, what you see, and any sensations that you can feel. Try to keep that feeling as you go on with your day.

P.S. If you feel like you’ve got a really big heart that sometimes gets away from you take my quiz, it will explain a lot!

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